Woopanel – Advanced wordpress admin panel for woocommerce dashboard is an information board that combines multiple reports on one display screen, giving administrators a quick overview and many different information.

With only one display screen, you can get analyses, visually tracks and displays key performance indicators (KPI), key data points and metrics to monitor the health of a department, business or specific process.

WooCommerce Dashboard can be customize to meet the specific needs of your department or company. Moreover, administrators will have a better overview of the situation of their business and make a prediction based on the Dashboard.


WOOCOMMERCE FRONTEND QUICKVIEW DASHBOARD PANEL: You manage all their store information as my profile bar,total revenue and so on.


My Profile Bar: Manage all account information such as avatar, name, email, website, password change.

Total Revenue: Show total revenue from the starting time of your business up to now.

All Products: You can see how many public products are available on your site and control it easily.

Total Users: If you want to know exactly how many users who registered on your site, see the “Total users” part.

New Customers: Show details of name, email and the amount of revenue of new customer on your site.

Recent Orders: Show information of recent orders with customer name, invoice number, amount and status.

Best Customers: Show details of name, email and the total revenue of customers who have best sales performance on your site

Total Order: The number of orders will be shown on the “Total orders”. You can see how many orders you have got so far and make plans for them.

Orders Overview Chart: Display sales volume of products with status or time such as day, week, month or year in a completed visualization format.

Sales Overview Chart: Display the sales amount with status and detailed time. You’ll have a general overview about your business operations.

Recent Reviews: You can see recent activities of your cutomers on your site via their review and you can direct your support team members.

Best Products: You can see the top best-selling products then you can make plan for sales promotion or product focus strategy in the near future.


Switch between fullwidth layout to view only dashboard screen or using boxed layout to display header and footer of your theme


You can manage plugin and extension from back-end to front-end as Frontend Price Matrix for WooCommerce (new), Frontend Color Swatches for WooCommerce (new) and so on.

Frontend Color Swatches For WooCommerce (New): Enter Color Swatches for Variable product
Frontend Price Matrix For WooCommerce (New): Enter the pricing details of the product.
Frontend Product  Advanced Options: Simple product enhancement with product features.
Frontend Product Stock, SKU, Sold Individual Manage: Enter product data in inventory, stock-keeping unit, manage inventory.
Frontend Upload Product Image Gallery Easily: In addition to the large representative image, upload more photos to show more details about the product.
Manage Weight, Dimensions, Shipping: Enter product information about Weight, Dimensions, Shipping and management easily.
Quick Edit Product Feature (New): When you’ve created a product and want to edit its information, easily with one click.
Frontend Add Product Tags: Easily create additional Tags for the product. Create the corresponding Tagged product.
Frontend Add Product Attributes: Easily add new Attributes, create products with the Attributes without restrictions.
Manage Frequently Bought Together Products: View product purchase list, easily manage product purchase, product purchase.
Frontend Add Product Featured Image: Add a product description image to highlight the product and help customers understand the product you want to recommend.
Frontend Add Product Categories: Easily create additional product Categories to Categorize products into Categories that match that product.
Add Edit Delete Product Price, Sales Price: Creating a product for its price. Besides, you can still easily edit or delete product price information.
Frontend Product Attribute Management: Manage product Attributes, assign products with corresponding Attributes.
Add Edit Delete UpSell, Cross Sell: In addition to current products, there are also products you want to introduce or promote to customers to increase sales.
Frontend Product Review Management ( Add, edit, delete…): Write reviews about products, edit or delete reviews are easy.
Frontend Product FAQs For WooCommerce, View and Manage FAQs With Support shortcode (New): See questions raised by customers about products for product development.
Submit Frontend Any Type Of Product Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate, Variable Product (Hot): There is a wide selection of product types suitable for a variety of products.
Add Product Short Infor And Full Product Description With Fully WYSIWYG Visue Editor Or Text: Write a product description to help customers understand the product in more detail.
Vendor / Store Manager Can Submit New Product 100% Frontend without log-in to WP Admin (Hot): Submit new product without log in WP Admin.
Easily Update Order Status: Order status updates make it easy to follow the order process.
Simplify Bulk Order Processing: Bulk orders can still be solved easily.


Customers can view and edit order invoice details, update order status and add private order notes. It can filter with date and status fields, simplify bulk order processing.
View And Manage Orders With Buyer’s Information: See the list of customers who order products and their information to manage product sales.
View / Edit Full Order Invoice Details With Billing And Shipping Information: View order invoice information, edit billing and shipping in invoices.
Advanced Filter With Date And Status Fields: Search for the desired product with product filtering.
Add Private Order Notes: Add order notes if necessary to avoid unexpected delivery problems.


Dokan saves you hundreds of work hours while creating an online marketplace.
See some of the many reasons that make it the #1 Open-source Multi Vendor Solution.
Seamlessly Integration With Dokan Multiple Vendor: Adjust and Setting Dokan Store, Set Up Withdraw & Payment, Customize Dokan Store Profiles, Manage Customer & Orders.
Create And Manage Coupons Easily And Quickly. You Can See All Coupons Are Arranged In The Smartest Way: Create and manage coupons for customers.
Manage Buyer’s Email, Name, Username, Orders, Totally Spent, Last Order: View and manage user details.
Live Chat Between Vendors And Buyers (Beta Feature): Ability to chat between Vendors and Buyers to answer Buyers’ detailed questions about products.
For Each Registered Customer, The Admin Seller Will Save It As An Account To Manage: Save customer registration account for management.
Add, Edit Store Information ( Logos, Store Address, Store Information…): Create store information, help customers capture where the products sold.
Dokan Seller Manager/ Vendor Profile Set Up: Integrating multiple vendor vendors help product development.
Nearby Store Locations: Easily find the store closest to where you are now.


You can do some manipulation with the article as add new and edit, delete article/ post or filter to manage post and so on.
Easily View Articles With Available Status: View any article extremely easy in the article section
Edit SEO URL And Publishing Status: Edit publish status and SEO links if that information changes
Manage Articles’ Comments Frontend: View user comments and manage them.
Add And Edit Articles Feature Images: Add a descriptive image for posts, edit the image
Add New And Edit, Delete Article/ Post As Easy As In WP Admin: Creating and editing posts is extremely simple
Intuitively Display And Easily Use With The New Interface: A new interface helps customers use the product better
WooPanel Only Shows The Vendor’s Own Created Articles: You can easily transform your Marketplace into a Community with articles of products contributed by each vendor
Add Edit Post’s Tags, Category, Excerpt, And Full Description: Editing product information extremely simple in the corresponding item name


With the ability to rate Vendors, your customers can increase the trustworthiness of your Vendor’s stores.
Everyone Will Be Able To See The Review In A Separate Tab
All the reviews for a Vendor will be made publicly available from the store page. Customers can visit the store page and make decisions based on the reviews.
Everything Available From The Frontend
Each storefront will have their separate reviews. The vendors won’t be able to make any modification to the reviews in any way. Keeping the reviews authentic.
Detailed Reviewing Option
Enabling this module will let your customers review a vendor with a metric of one to five stars as well as a text-based review to go with it.
Let Customers Post Reviews For A Vendor ( Coming Soon )
If any of your customers buy a product from a store, they will be able to submit a review for that Vendor. This will make your marketplace more transparent in terms of quality.


You can add unlimited stores with this stores with category management. It enables you to find the very best stores and accurate geolocation about each store that suits a customer inquiry.

  • Add Unlimited Store Location
  • Add Unlimited Store Information
  • Highly Responsive UI Design
  • Stores Management for unlimited Markers
  • Category Management with Markers
  • Logo Selection for each Store
  • Set Default Lat/Lng for Google Maps
  • Maps regions and Maps Language feature
  • Find Direction in KM and Miles in Store Locator
  • Stylish InfoBox for Google Maps
  • Category Markers can be applied to Stores
  • Search Direction by Zip, City, State, Country
  • GeoLocation API Supported within Store Locator
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location in Admin
  • Customize the Default Zoom Level From Admin Panel
  • Enable/Disable a Store
  • Multilingual plugins
  • Show Timing of Stores
  • Locate address by Zip Code, Town, City or State
  • Show the Driving Direction of the Store from current Location
  • Google Map Type Selection “hybrid”, “roadmap”, “satellite”, and “terrain”
  • Customizable Template using Plugin Editor
  • Sort to Map Screen View
  • Delete all stores Option


  • Can be used with any WordPress themes or WooCommerce themes: WooPanel icludes styling option which will help you to make WooPanel dashboard more look-alike your site appearance.
  • The Dashboard is 100% responsive: The Dashboard is 100% responsive so it can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop and multiple devices anytime anywhere The Dashboard is 100% responsive
  • Access the Dashboard: You can Access the Dashboard with a customized menu frontend.
  • The separate interface: Easy to manage and manipulate the separate interface.
  • Quick statistic of figures: Get a quick statistic of figures on total income, orders, products, users and so on
  • Nested Menu and Full Navigation Menu: They are the most important element one should pay attention when designing a website.
  • Report Dashboard: A detailed report on revenue, orders by day, month, year …
  • Display customer lists, products, orders: Display customer lists, products, orders according to criteria: newest, most bought, best selling and more.
  • Dark theme vs white theme : If you dark theme, then just switch to white theme to match your eyes.
  • User Permission: Decentralized use of functions is easy to manage
  • PDF Invoice: PDF invoice helps you to quickly change customers’ information on invoices, and can download and save invoices as PDF quickly.

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Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE11, Opera, Safari


Bootstrap,, Visual Composer,, woocommerce


CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP


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